Our jewels & gems

Due to our international sources, we are able to offer you very exclusive gemstones and jewelry. In our catalog you will mainly find high grade rubies and sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. In behalf of the later, yellow, green and pink diamonds are rare and valuable specimens, with generally higher prices than colorless diamonds. While the number of colorless diamonds obtained may be several millions a year, there is only a[…]

Colombian Emeralds

Investing in Gems

Colored gemstones and cut diamonds and have been a popular and recognized form of investment for centuries. This is because, on the one hand, precious stones have survived all past financial and economic crises, and on the other hand their special mobility. Thus, a high-quality colored gemstone (e.g., ruby or emerald) having a weight of 5 carats, equivalent to one gram, can have the[…]

GIA Certificate

Buy Jewels and Gems

In the case of the purchase of gemstones and jewels, you should always pay attention to buying certified gemstones. We offer these precious stones here with an official certificate. This is an independent expert report, which confirms the authenticity of the stone, a detailed description and graduation of the gemstone. These certificates will be from internationally known and recognized institutions. Among the first addresses are the International[…]

Comombian Emerald Museum

Who is Fine Jewels & Gems?

Fine Jewels & Gems is a division of Ambarazul, LLC, a gem trade and investment company registered in the USA with an operational office in the Dominican Republic and agents in Canada, Indonesia, Germany and Switzerland. Starting with the precious and extremely rare Dominican blue amber, Ambarazul, LLC has been in the gem business since beginning of the century. The markets are Europe, Far East, Middle East,[…]


To make everybody happy is impossible. But, we do our best to merit our customers’ sincere commendations. And we seem to be succeeding – isn’t that great? Please read examples of spontaneous reactions from all around the world. Some short, some long. Some matter-of-factly, some even romantic. And everything in between. Enjoy! And don’t hold your breath. It’s gonna be long.  […]