Starting with the precious and extremely rare Dominican blue amber, Ambarazul, LLC has been in the gem business since beginning of the century. Our main clientele are private investors who are interested in  grade gem stones that meet the highest standards in terms of quality and investment value but also jewelers who produce for members of the high  society.

Our markets are Europe, Far East, Middle East, Australia and North America. Read our customer’s testimonials.

Our interest is the welfare, satisfaction and the sustainable success for you as a jewelers, collector and investor. We are mandates or broker of over a dozen well known gem production and trading companies, and are authorized to offer their merchandise and/or special pieces. From all our sources we select only the most exclusive gemstones and extraordinary luxury jewelry to present to you.

We can organize for you inspection of the goods as well as global shipping by Ferrari ExpressBrink’s and inspection as well as gem-lab, banking and transport service through Malca Amit.





Ambarazul, LLC (Fine Paintings & Art) is a facilitator of transactions which form the core business of our Company and we are not the Buyer/Seller. We perform our own due diligence on both buyers and sellers and employ good care and diligence in our endeavor to put together the best possible transaction for both sellers and buyers. However, the final and definitive due diligence remains the responsibility of the parties to the transaction and as such, Ambarazul, LLC shoulders no responsibility for the failure of either one or both parties to conduct their own due diligence. We accept no responsibility for any fraudulent comments, documents, POP, POF, LOI or actions undertaken or executed by Buyer/Seller or Buyer/Sellers mandate who hold Ambarazul, LLC harmless for any damages caused.