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GIA Certificate

In the case of the purchase of gemstones and jewels, you should always pay attention to buying certified gemstones. We offer these precious stones here with an official certificate. This is an independent expert report, which confirms the authenticity of the stone, a detailed description and graduation of the gemstone. These certificates will be from internationally known and recognized institutions. Among the first addresses are the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

We are a gem broker, which means the jewels and gems displayed on our web site are shown to buyers on behalf of sellers and not our own merchandise. This has the advantage that you are not limited to gems and jewels we own. The gemstones or jewelry in our catalog are usually located internationally, with manufacturers and dealers or private owners in places like Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Bombay, New York, Cape Town, Hong Kong, New York, Bogota, Taipei, Dubai, Montreal, Singapore, Riyadh, Sri Lanka, Sidney etc. In some cases, there is the possibility to send a special consignment for your inspection by Ferrari Express or Malca Amit for inspection, certification and transfer of funds.  Additional costs arising for this individual effort which may vary depending on the article, its value, size, distance and total expenditure. Our employees will be pleased to provide you with an accurate statement. Please note that these costs are to be borne by you in any case, even if not purchased.

Again, we point out that the articles offered in our catalog are usually not our property, but are the property of the respective private owner, provider (seller) manufacturer or dealer who may issue their articles here for mediation by us. If a purchase is made, you usually purchase directly from the seller and also get a proper invoice from the seller of his legal representative. Payments are bank-to-bank.